In order to be considered a quality construction project, it must meet each of the safety criteria and satisfy the requirements of your demands.

In addition, before agreeing with a construction company, the experience and references of works already carried out should be evaluated as a guarantee of their work, which in turn will speak of their trained, specialised and multidisciplinary staff.

In this respect, there are different types of high quality construction projects and Marvel Construction brings you a short description of each of them. If you want to know more, join us in the following post.

Types of Marvel quality construction projects

There are countless construction projects, i.e. every construction site is located and determined according to certain criteria. Therefore, when choosing a construction company, it is necessary to evaluate what types of architectural projects have been carried out, among which we find:

  • Building and construction

These types of projects involve an arduous process of planning and high-performance coordination with each of the team members, as carrying them out requires a great deal of time to deliver quality construction results due to their complexity.

Similarly, at Marvel Construcciones, quality urban developments are developed through the planning and creation of various projects (from villas to housing blocks from scratch) generating turnkey plans.

  • Villas and detached houses

A quality construction and execution with the timely delivery of this type of work is the main guarantee factor, as it is a very important investment that is made in the family and that will project our life when we move in. An example of this is the luxury villas in Marbella .

  • Renovaciones y reformas

The change you want to give to your project can be done through quality refurbishments or renovations. with which to adapt it to your needs. They are applicable in villas, houses or premises, among others, from the hand of a construction company with a guarantee in its services.

  • Obras civiles

Civil works projects, in addition to the implementation of technical equipment and quality of materials, require different installations, thus developing solid and solvent plans, making your space a practical and decisive one.

  • Obras singulares

Its designation is part of the construction of schools or sports facilities (tennis or paddle tennis clubs), among others. These are works that have special characteristics due to their execution, type of installations and other actions to be carried out.

  • Comprehensive building maintenance

These projects are aimed at maintenance services for installations, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, masonry and engineering, both for clients and companies and communities throughout Malaga.

At Marvel Construcciones we can assure you that we carry out quality maintenance of installations.

  • Swimming pool construction

Under the work of a technical team, all types of swimming pools are planned, modified and built with effective and efficient delivery for your enjoyment.

Contract the best construction projects with Marvel

Years of experience working with the best team of professionals and first class materials in all assigned projects, make Marvel Construcción’s work a guarantee of quality, standing out in our finishes.

In turn, we coordinate and supervise all development and construction processes with continuous support and advice, ensuring that all your requirements and needs are met from start to finish.

Contact us! At Marvel Construction we carry out the projects of your dreams, developing any type of work, whether residential, industrial or tertiary, with the help of engineers, architects, technical and administrative staff, making the project you have in mind a reality.